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Vice LP
The Almighty Defenders is a postmodern gospel rock supergroup consisting of members from the Black Lips and The King Khan & BBQ Show. Supergroups: Sometimes you get Cream, and sometimes you get a bunch of people who spontaneously engage in a slapdash recording session that may or may not involve absurd conceptual pseudo-alter-egos. One of the end results of the Black Lips' possibly kicked-outta-India incident back in January, aside from a deluge of some of the most breathlessly manic press-release freakouts I've ever read, was an emergency stopover in Berlin to recuperate/decompress with King Khan and Mark "BBQ" Sultan. Apparently the mood was so charged and jubilant in the aftermath they celebrated by spending eight days recording an "evil gospel" album. Well... shit, why not? Price: 18.90 €

s/t aka Pink Album
4 Men With Beards LP
The Avengers were one of the first and most influential female-fronted punk bands in the US. In two short years, June of 1977 to June of 1979, singer Penelope Houston led The Avengers in just over 100 performances, from the Mabuhay and the Masque to supporting the Sex Pistols at Winterland (that group's legendary final show). They headlined shows with X, the Go-Go's, and the Dead Kennedys. During their brief existence, The Avengers released the We Are The One 7" on Dangerhouse Records and the four-song 12" EP on White Noise. In 1983, drummer Danny Furious and bassist Jimmy Wilsey gathered together these and other studio recordings for the full length self-titled LP -- the infamous "Pink Album" -- which would soon become the band’s essential release. Out of print for decades, Avengers has been the lost artifact of the first wave of American punk. Price: 19.90 €

Ruby Come Back
Bad Oxygen 7"
b/w- Everybody loves You When You're Dead Price: 4.90 €

Soap On A Rope
The Dirters, Punk'n'Roll from Finland. 15 years of tight liveshows with catchy melodies and rawkin' tunes. Check out this brand new album!!! Price: 11.90 €

Live In Long Beach 1974
Legendary L.A./South Bay proto-punk outfit the Imperial Dogs -- who wrote & recorded the original, pre-Blue Oyster Cult version of "This Ain't The Summer Of Love" -- captured raw 'n' alive on videotape at Cal State Long Beach back in 1974! "An evening of sex, violence, and public outrage," this 64-minute DVD contains previously unreleased versions of 13 songs -- including 10 Imperial Dogs' originals (five of which don't appear on either their 1978 Back Door Man 45 or their 1989 Dog Meat LP) -- all in black & white and glorious mono with a 20-page, full-color booklet featuring eye-popping photos (Iggy seeing the Imperial Dogs playing Rodney's English Disco!) and detailed liner notes. Must be seen to be believed. Price: 19.90 €

Maria Magdalena
Svart 7"
This is the first ever authorised reissue of Mana Mana's first 7 inch, originally released in 1988. 24-bit mastered for vinyl from the original master tapes. Price: 6.90 €

Vice LP
If 2012 really is the end, the members of OFF! are determined to go out kicking and/or screaming. But preferably both. As such, they've written their first "proper" full-length for release in May via Vice Records. Simply & effectively entitled OFF! and once again featuring cover art courtesy of the always-masterful Pettibon, the record was written and recorded at lightning speed, the only speed at which OFF! know how to operate.Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes) Price: 19.90 €

True Love Cast Out All Evil
Chemical Underground CD
new album by pioneering rock legend Roky Erickson. ‘True Love Cast Out All Evil’, the 63 year old’s first album in over fourteen years, was produced by Will Sheff, with his band, Okkervil River, providing the musical backing. The album is largely made up of unreleased material penned by Erickson (a native of Austin, Texas) throughout the course of his decades-long career; material that details, with heart-breaking candour, a harrowing life of electro-shock therapy, imprisonment, mental illness, and irreversible loss. Enduring these traumas has enabled Erickson to bring a unique, painfully-earned wisdom to his songwriting, infusing the album with themes of love, hope and spiritual grace. Roky Erickson burst onto the music scene in 1966 with his band The 13th Floor Elevators and their hit “You’re Gonna Miss Me”, a snarling proto-punk song written by Erickson at the tender age of 15. The Elevators, with Erickson at the helm, would be largely credited with igniting the garage rock movement and for being one of the world’s first psychedelic bands. Price: 17.90 €

Sabotage LP
TERRIBLE FEELINGS' date of birth was sometime during 2009, in Malmo, Sweden. Someone described the music as loud, dark, therapeutic, and rough around the edges, and the band itself called it 'black angst-ridden power-pop'. Both quotes sum up TERRIBLE FEELINGS pretty well. Place their sound somewhere in the wastelands between WIPERS, REDD KROSS, EBBA GRON and MURDER CITY DEVILS. The music is some kind of dark power-pop, a blend of post-punk and garage rock with a melodic sensibilty that adds up to a unique and distinct flavor, much due to the deep poetic and powerful voice of singer Manuela Iwansson. Price: 14.90 €

Sexual Harrasment
Volco LP
Five years on from the Norwegians' last album, Retox, they have returned with renewed intent, fronted by former Dukes of Nothing bellower Tony Sylvester and armed with an album that gleefully maintains their tradition of balls-out punk rock with a laudable undercurrent of sexual deviance. Sylvester sounds very much at home, yelling gruffly through I Got a Knife and Tight Jeans, Loose Leash, while his new comrades' arsenal of infectious riffs and lobotomised hooks is enthrallingly well-stocked. Whether evoking the intensity of hardcore punk legends Poison Idea on Hello Darkness and TNA (The Nihilistic Empire) or committing foul acts with AC/DC's boogie metal blueprint on Shake Your Shit Machine, Turbonegro are back to full strength, best exemplified by the blistering snot-storm of Dude Without a Face and the show-stopping You Give Me Worms. Price: 19.90 €